Saturday, July 9, 2011

A call for help!

I am looking for family member or people doing research that might be able to compare notes with me. I am on so can easily be found there. But a comment or direct message here could help as well.

Currently we are grouping our research around my Great Great Grandparents.

Erastus Asbury Bishop
Birth 20 Mar 1853 in Pottawattamie, Indiana
Death 21 Jun 1932 in California, United States 

Margaret Jane Compton
Birth 22 Aug 1856 in Scio, Linn, Oregon, United States
Death 10 Sep 1951 in Lassen, California, United States           


They were married on 11 April 1875 in Linn county Oregon. A large number of the pictures I have mentioned or posted are the extended family of these two. Any information would be a big help. Im finding lots of the tools on Ancestry to be a big help, as well as a small amount of email communication with some people I have found via Google. 

-- Complements of the season To Mr & Mrs E.A. Bishop Los Molinos, Tehama Co, Cal, USA --
 From Mr & Mrs W.L Compton - Wetaskiwin Alberta Canada

Linn 15, Eula 18, Arya 23, Frank 26, Louise 10, Oda 22, Mareda 12 

Thank you! 


  1. Hi, I do not know this family but I think the photos is fantastic!

  2. Thanks Yvonne! I hope I can keep it interesting for non relatives :)