Tuesday, July 26, 2011

US Patent No: 971,823

If anyone knows anything about Patent's please let me know. The below letter is addressed to President Woodrow Wilson, Dated sep 23 1914 and is from my Great Great Grandfather. I am assuming this is a copy he made for his records and have contacted the Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library to see if they have any other documents related to the document. 

Los Molinos Calif., Sep 28 1914
Mr. Woodrow Wilson
Washington D.C.    
Dear Mr. President, 

Having secured a patient of a "Spark arrester" of the U.S. Patent office Oct 4 1910 and I still hold the same whose no is 971823, I am desirous of Selling my patient and wished to take the matter up with you direct, as you seem to manifest a great desire to assist the working class. I would like you to investigate this matter and see what you can do to help me. You will find my model in the office there. After investigations should you consider it practical would be glad to depose of it to the U.S. Government for a consideration of 13,000. My former address was Wallowa Or, but am now located at Los Molinos Calif.
Waiting a speedy reply. I <unknown> Respectfully, Erastus A Bishop

I have found the patent documents on the US Patent and trademark offices website, I am unsure if the patent was ever used, renewed, sold etc. If anyone knows how to look these things up it would be great to know! I have been looking trying to see if E.A. Bishop had any other Patents, I will let you know if I find any more out! 

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